Online Video Training
for the Car Wash Industry

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    Saves Time

    WASHCOURSE car wash training reduces the the CSA onboarding process timeframe from weeks to days and the manager training timeframe from months to weeks. The manager's time away from operations is minimized, which results in a significant increase in productivity.

    With WASHCOURSE, users move through structured video lectures, quizzes, and on-site practice, covering all of the necessary skills they need to succeed in their job.

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    Increase Effectiveness

    WASHCOURSE ensures your employees and managers have the tools they need to be productive and provide a customer experience that has value, speed, and convenience.

    When well-trained employees increase throughput with smooth vehicle loading, avoid accidents due to safety training, and provide a customer experience that makes customers want to return, better productivity translates to increased revenues.

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    Reduces Turnover

    The average turnover at a car wash is around 200%. What does employee turnover cost your business each year? It is expensive to replace employees, and most car wash owners and managers see high turnover rates hurt their bottom line.

    WASHCOURSE reduces turnover by providing employees the skills they need to thrive in their job. Employees feel a sense of security when they know what is expected of them and feel valued by the employer when given the opportunity to learn and develop their skills.


WASHCOURSE was co-founded by car wash training experts Steve Gaudreau and Jacquelyn Bridge.

Both Gaudreau and Bridge have achieved national acclaim for their car wash consulting work, which has improved the hiring, training, and management practices for the majority of the top 50 car wash companies. Together, with a team of consultants and trainers, WASHCOURSE works to bring the knowledge and experience of large corporations to small and medium-sized growing car wash companies throughout the country.

Our Mission

To provide solutions to organizations’ growth & development needs.

Core Values

  • Results
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Commitment to Growth

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